More than 15 ultra-modern 3, 4 and 5 axel CNC machining centres make it possible to produce even the most difficult contours and groove patterns. Thanks to the CAD/CAM system link each and every client request can be quickly and precisely manufactured in any quantity desired.


PROFILAN offers a wide range of semi-finished components for the most diverse range of uses. It is not unusual for our processors and customers to require a high level of flexibility as some orders are not ideally served by the standard program. Thanks to the most up to date production technology we can manufacture to special settings, special dimensions and special thicknesses. We would gladly advise you personally on this or we can send you an exact list of the technical specifications. The production takes place in line with the standards DIN EN ISO 15527 and DIN ISO 2768.


PROFILAN plastic semi-finished and finished components are manufactured from polyethylene - UHMW - and - HMW - using the latest sinterpress technology. Computer-monitored processes guarantee consistently high quality and a low stress base material that, from semi-finished to finished component, is ideal for use in many sectors of industry, engineering, automated and conveyor systems.


In our area the people are known for their directness and for getting down to business. This is particularly true if there is not much left to discuss. We are there for our clients; work in partnership and passionately on the individual needs of our customers.

Based on partnership

Many claim to communicate at eye level. We take this to mean maintaining a partnership. Indeed we don’t just mean with our clients and suppliers but of course also with our employees. Only once we have done this is everyone working as one.


Good ideas are formed together. Along with our clients, we always strive for new, integrated solutions for a wide variety of fields. Our technicians and engineers know out of which materials a semi-finished or finished component can be produced.