PROlen 6000 EL

QUALITY: PE -UHMW- ~ 5,0 - 6,0 MOL

PROlen 6000 AST+EL -UHMW- antistatic equipped, especially adapted for fast moving production lines, nevertheless suitable for contact with food.


  • analolgous to PROlen 6000 virgin
  • permanently antistatic and conductive
  • volume resistance ohm · m < 10^4
  • stabilized against UV rays
  • suitable for contact with food


  • general mechanical engineering
  • sliding and conveyor elements
  • guide for belt drives
  • ideal for areas with explosion hazards, e.g. as a lining material where bulk material is processed
  • with high machine speeds in dry and dusty areas

Colour overview

PROlen 6000 EL
PROlen 6000 EL