PROslide 9000 EL

Quality: PE -UHMW- ~ 9,0 Mol

PROslide 9000 AST+EL -UHMW- in addition optimized wear resistance, has extremely good sliding properties, a good noise absorption and is best suited for continual heavy-duty services - a real alternative to materials with MOS2.


  • permanently antistatic and conductive
  • surface resistance < 10^4
  • excellent wear resistance
  • improved and optimized sliding friction coefficient
  • ideal for areas with explosion hazards
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • very good noise absorption
  • no absorption of humidity
  • stabilized against UV rays
  • suitable for contact with food (EU-Regulation)


  • Especially developed for applications in the conveyor and driving technology, where materials and counter-rotating parts are exposed to extreme stress, e.g. for corner tracks, chain and sliding rails, driving elements and conveyor slides.

Colour overview

PROslide 9000 EL
PROslide 9000 EL


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